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Suits for those who prefer to handle the process on their own, with our assistance to do so effectively
Suits for those who prefer to handle the process on their own, with our assistance to do so effectively
Flat fee
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* Get an attorney and pay only for results. Subject to assessment and conflict check.
* Get an attorney and pay only for results. Subject to assessment and conflict check.
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All the process was quick, easy to follow, with great communication”Tanya W.Consumer claim
Clear and detailed process; every step of the way!"Ronald P.Service claim
Easy process, fair pricing and prompt service”Emmanuel H.Payments dispute
The demand letter was written very well and any time I asked a question someone got back to me in minutes"Samantha A.Consumer case
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Cape offers a simple and stress-free solution for your small claims lawsuit needs. With our online platform and personal case managers, we make the process easy as possible. Our flat-rate pricing with the success-fee elements, means you don't have to worry about hourly bills or complicated bureaucracy. Choose Cape for a hassle-free experience.
It depends on the specific circumstances of your case, but it can be worth it if you have a solid legal claim and the potential compensation outweighs the cost of legal fees and other expenses. If you decide to go take the case to small claims court, you’ll have to pay related fees, such as court fees, and serving and handling fees.
In most states, plaintiffs in small claims cases can only represent themselves physically in court. Therefore, we do not provide court representation. Our team will guide you through the entire process, prepare all the documents for the court, provide a checklist of helpful tips, and provide you with any information you need. If you would like to consult a lawyer, we would be happy to help and provide you with this service. Please contact us at
Small court lawsuits are usually less expensive than other claims, as they don’t require you to be represented by a lawyer in the courtroom, and all related fees are lower than those of regular (or other) courts.
It can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the jurisdiction, the type of case, and the complexity of the issues involved. In general, it can take a few weeks to few months for a small case to go from the filing of the initial complaint to a court hearing.
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